GasCheck G3 Handheld Leak Detector


Designed for Portability
Our best-selling portable leak detector is the GasCheck G3 leak detector is a handheld, battery operated leak detector for sniffing. Fitted with a large back lit LCD, the display shows unit setting and numerical readout, even in dark, confined spaces.

Accurate Reading
When searching for leaks the unit can easily be set into auto-range, giving the maximum sensitivity when required. The GasCheck uses a robust micro thermal conductivity sensor to detect any gas providing it is different from air or nitrogen. Calibrated for helium, the unit also has multiple gas selection including Ammonia, Argon, Butane, Hydrogen, SF6 and some refrigerants.

Upgrade your GasCheck 3000 to the LHHLD-G3
The newly-released and in stock LHHLD-G3 GasCheck G3 is an upgrade to the popular GasCheck 3000 unit. The new LHHLD-G3 is the cornerstone product of this series and features the following upgrades:

  • Readings in ppm, cc/sec, or mg/m3
  • Data logging of 10 points
  • New graphical icon display menu
  • Rapidly detects almost any known gas or gas mixture. Particularly sensitive to helium and hydrogen.
  • Capability to be calibrated by customer or in our lab with leak standard

Try Before You Buy
If you want see how the GasCheck will perform on your application before you buy, you may "try and buy" a new GasCheck G3 for $250 for a one-week period. We will then credit you up to $200 towards the purchase price of this detector if you decide to purchase with a credit card by the end of the week’s rental. Otherwise, you may return the leak detector and pay only the "try and buy" fee.  

Download the Try Before You Buy/Rental Agreement Form

  • He = 1x10-5
  • Ar = 1x10-4
  • CH4 = 1x10-4
  • R12 = 8x10-5
  • Rapid detection of gas leaks
  • Measures gas leaks (single gas)
  • Measures gas leaks (up to 20 gases)
  • Audible alert 
  • Flashing back-lit display
  • Peak hold readings
  • Factory or custom calibration
  • Data logging (stores up to 10 readings)
  • Readings displayed in cc/sec, g/yr, ppm or mg/m3)
  • Batteries supplied: 4 AA
  • Quality Assurance Testing on Component Seals
  • Membrane Materials & Glove Boxes
  • Stored Gases & Chemicals
  • Gas Cylinders & Fittings
  • Gas Chromatographs
  • Mass Spectrometers
  • Gas Installations
  • Pipeline Assemblies
  • Anesthetic Gas Bottles
  • Valve Emission Evaluation
DETECTOR Micro thermal conductivity detector (MTCD)
Sensor is poison resistant with over range protection
OPERATION He1x10-5,CH4 5×10-5,R125x10-5,Ar1x10-4
SENSITIVITY (CC/SEC) – 5% Displayed reading – One digit



GasCheck G3 Leak Detector Manual
GasCheck Product Brochure
GasCheck/Calibrated Leak Standard Flyer

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