HY-ALERTA 500 Handheld Hydrogen Leak Detector



Portable Leak Detectors recognizes the importance of detecting and locating hydrogen leaks as quickly as possible. The H2-500 Handheld Hydrogen Leak Detector is the industry's most versatile, portable hydrogen leak detector that responds to the widest range of hydrogen gas concentrations without the need of any peripheral equipment. The sensor probe has a unique visual LED array that will effectively help navigate to the source of a hydrogen leak where hydrogen has is produced, used, transported, or stored. With two sensing elements on the same semiconductor die, the HY-ALRETA 500 can detect hydrogen leaks as low as 15 ppm and will not saturate or be destroyed when detecting high concentrations of hydrogen up to 100%. The flexible cable allows the sensor probe access to virtually all potential leak sources. 


Hydrogen Sensitivity Range: 15 ppm to 100% hydrogen by volume

Initial response within seconds

Ingress Protection: IP64

Field Verification/Calibration Period: 1 Year

Product Life Expectancy: 10 Years


Operating Temperature Range: 0C to 45C

Storage Temperature Range: -20C to 45C

Calibration Background Gas: Air


Unit Weight: 2.15 lbs, 975 g

Total Length: 6.8 inches

Total Width: 3.4 inches

Depth: 1.4 inches

Probe Length: 7.8 inches

Probe Tip Diameter: .5 inches

Probe Handle Diameter: 1.2 inches

Coiled Cord Length Retracted: 26 inches

Coiled Cord Length Extended: 72 inches


Operating Time: 10 hours

Charge Time: 4 hours maximum with included charger


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