Helium & Multi-Gas

We offer a full family of handheld portable battery operated leak detectors for purchase with most units in stock available for immediate shipment.

These leak detectors are mostly used for detecting helium gas but some models can also be used for other gases such as hydrogen, forming gas (5% hydrogen, 95% nitrogen) and argon.

Many of these units also available on a rental basis of for a try and buy evaluation.

Series Features:

GasCheck Series -Detection of Helium and Several other Gases with a Digital Display of leak rate in cc/sec and ppm using a fixed probe. Ideal for leak location with known exact leak rate values.

miniTracer™ Series-Detection of Helium and Several other gases with pencil style probe and a LED Analog display of leak rate. Ideal for leak location when exact leak rate value is not needed.

2002 Outdoor/Underground Series -Detection of helium with hand probe or telescoping probe ideal for outdoor use and for locating leaks from underground piping. Digital Display of leak rate in ppm and % helium.

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