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Established as FLUIDX in 2003 - but prior to that a division of LACO Technologies since 1975 - FLUIDX is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and serves customers in the inter-mountain west and across North America through our online stores. FLUIDX serves a broad customer base and is dedicated to providing customers what they need, when they want it, at a fair price.

Through decades of selling, repairing and supplying customers with vacuum pumps and systems, Fluidx Equipment recognizes the need for easy to transport and quality leak detection equipment. Our Portable Leak Detector brand joins our industry expertise with the highest quality portable and handheld leak detection devices and accessories.

Unlike large plumbing leaks, some leaks are very small and difficult to detect. Nevertheless these small leaks can be detrimental to the performance and integrity of your business. Our scientific experience led us to create Portable Leak Detectors as a place to rent or purchase handheld detectors that are accurate and non-invasive. Our website offers a variety of portable leak detector options that either gas specific or calibrated to detect several gas types. Each detector is small and portable making them perfect for difficult to reach area, underground or in a laboratory environment.

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