Product Selection Guide

mini-tracer-lhhld-1100-psg-thumb.jpg panther-psg-thumb.png ruggedoutdoorindoor-psg-thumb-v2.jpg
Thermal conductivity cell with thermistors

Uses a small pencil style sample probe with 3 ft. hose for hard to reach areas

Micro thermal conductivity detector (MTCD)

Fixed sample probe located on detector inlet

Thermal conductivity

Includes hand sniffer probe wand and telescoping ground probe with boot

  • Testing and quality control
  • Valves and manifolds
  • Welds, seams, and joints
  • Pressure regulators
  • NPT and compression fittings
  • High pressure vessels
  • High pressure gas lines
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Gas chromatographs
  • Gas purifiers and traps
  • Cylinder connections
  • Tube fittings
  • QA testing on component seals
  • NPT and compression fittings
  • Membrane materials & glove boxes
  • Stored gases & chemicals
  • Gas cylinders & fittings
  • Gas chromatographs
  • Mass spectrometers
  • Gas installations
  • Pipeline assemblies
  • Valve emission evaluation
  • Pipeline joints, gaskets & chamber windows
  • MRI scanner maintenance
  • Highly resistant to magnetic fields
  • Direct buried telescope cables
  • Ground water remediation verification of helium flow
  • Industrial air/gas/liquid piping systems
  • Above/underground tanks
  • Cellular and analog telecommunications
  • NPT and compression fittings
  • Pipeline joints, gaskets, and chamber windows

Low: x1  |  High: x100
Adjustable sensitivity for low and high ranges

Audible signal to easily identify when a leak is detected along with LCD display featuring adjustable brightness

Not gas selective

Helium: 1x10-5 cc/sec  |  Argon: 1x10-4 cc/sec
CO2: 1.1x10-4 cc/sec  | Refrigerant: 1.1x10-4 cc/sec

Low: x1  |  Mid-range: x10  |  High: x100

Displays units in cc/sec, g/year, ppm, mg/m3, or %Vol

Vibration, audible, and visual alarms for easy leak detection

Adjustable sensitivity & measurement units

Helium: 5x10-6
Hydrogen: 3.8x10-6

Helium or Hydrogen

Not gas selective

With gas sensitivity: 25 ppm to 1,000,000 ppm with displays in % helium from 2% to 99%

Display & Battery

LCD display featuring adjustable brightness
Peak hold with settable duration

20 hour duration
Recharged to 90% of capacity in 5 hours
Low battery indicator
Very low battery shutdown

Search gas table & select favorite
Change sensitivity, measurement units, screen brightness & more

20 hour duration

Backlit LCD digital display with time-lapse bar graph

7.2 VDC nickel metal hydride 6-8 hours continuous

Other Information 

Ideal for helium, hydrogen, argon, or any gas except nitrogen and when no quantitative value is needed.

Instrument: 1.2 lbs. (0.52 kg)
Charger: 0.6 lbs (0.28 kg)

Not recommended for outdoor or high humidity areas.

 Instrument: 1 lb. (447g) Ideal for helium and hydrogen sniffing in indoor, outdoor, and rugged or high humidity applications.

Includes desiccant filter for humidity removal from sample gas.

Instrument with battery: 3.1 lbs.