Portable Leak Detectors

Leak Testing Solutions

Our portable leak detectors detect most leaks in seconds. Helium and other gases are easily found with our instruments. Quick leak detection can prevent incident, waste and promote equipment uptime.

Portable Leak Detectors

Our range of portable leak detectors is highly effective in detecting various types of gas leaks in few seconds. Quick gas leak detection can help prevent any major incident, loss and wastage. Instead of buying multiple gas detectors, our one type of portable leak dewtector can help you save time, money and reduce downtime.

Handheld Gas Leak Detectors

We have wide range of handheld gas leak detector that can easily detect gas leaks in the premises effectively. These hand held detectors are so easy to use. They are convenient to hold and carry to the location where gas detection is to be performed.

We offer a full family of handheld portable battery operated leak detectors for purchase with most units in stock available for immediate shipment. These leak detectors are mostly used for detecting helium gas but some models can also be used for other gases such as hydrogen, forming gas (5% hydrogen, 95% nitrogen) and argon.

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