2002 Rugged Helium & Hydrogen Sniffer Leak Detector MGD-2002

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"Tester worked great, found the leak under paved parking lot 4’ down in short order. Customer was impressed!" - Colorado HVAC

The LHHLD-2002 also known as the MGD-2002 handheld sniffer is an underground Helium leak detector, ideal for outdoor use for underground leak detection applications. Highlights include: Helium sensitivity from 25-1,000,000 PPM with conversion to % helium at 2%. Unit includes field replaceable moisture cartridge in wand for improved sensitivity. This underground Helium leak detector is Lightweight, telescoping probe Rapid charging Ni-MG battery with AC and car adaptors

Upgrade from the Mark 9822

The LHHLD-2002 is the latest model underground Helium leak detector, an upgrade to the Mark 9822 and Mark 9821 leak detector. The LHHLD-2002 units are in stock - upgrade your Mark 9822 today.

*DISCLAIMER: Portable Leak Detectors will confirm the availability for rental upon purchase. If you need to confirm availability beforehand please call (801) 486-1015 or message our live chat below.


  • Tactile membrane keypad
  • Backlit LCD display
  • One hand operation
  • Moisture indicator in wand
  • Field replaceable battery
  • Headphone jack for audible monitoring
  • Time-lapse bar graph display
  • Audible or digital output
  • Optional accessories include: headphones, spare battery, and replacement moisture trap cartridge


  • Sensitivity: 25-1,000,000 PPM (Increment of 25 PPM)
  • Dimensions: 13.3" x 4.9" x 3.3" (LxWxD)
  • LCD: Backlit display, 128 Bit x 64 Bit Dot Matrix
  • Temperature Range: -10c to +45c (+14F to +113F)
  • Humidity Range: 20% RG to 50% RH
  • Response time: 2 seconds (approx)
  • Resolution: Low +/- 25 PPM, High +/- 0.2%
  • Processor: Infineon (16 Bit)
  • Optional accessories include: headphones, spare battery, and replacement moisture trap cartridge


  • Direct buried telephone cables
  • Splice cases
  • Underground ducted cables
  • Air pipe systems
  • Municipal water systems
  • Industrial air/gas/liquid piping systems
  • Electronics industry
  • High voltage A/C power systems
  • High Definition television
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Above/underground storage tanks
  • Cellular and analog telecommunications



(No reviews yet) Write a Review