Leak Detection & Repair Field Kit

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Product Overview

The Leak Detection & Repair Field Kit includes tools that can help you in the field and is a great addition to portable helium leak detectors for pinpointing exact leak locations and making quick repairs. Our kit includes some of the best products on the market and would be a great addition to any tool kit.

Leak Detection Items Include:

  • 8 oz Camco Gas Leak Detector Spray -This a quick and easy way to detect leaks. Spray on gas lines and inspect for bubbles surfacing at the area gas is escaping.
  • 8 oz LA-CO Visu-Glow - VISU-GLOW is designed to detect leaks by bubbling up on any joints or suspect areas in plumbing systems using its high-visibility fluorescent color.
  • Black Light and UV Flashlight  -This powerful UV flashlight will help detect leaks when used with the Visu-Glow fluorescent color.
  • 1 lb Duct Seal Compound - This reusable and pliable compound is ideal for making temporary seals to block out the helium tracer gas during vacuum and sniffing helium leak detection to pinpoint the exact source of a leak.   This compound can also be left in place to harden as a temporary repair until a permanent fix is made. 

Kit Repair Items Include:

  • Loctite Epoxy - Easy-to-use self-mixing dispenser and precision applicator. High-strength formula bonds wood, metal, tile, ceramic, glass, plastic and more. Final bond is high strength and weather, water and solvent resistant.  Great for temporary repairs until the faulty part can be replaced.
  • 2 oz J-B Weld WaterWeld Epoxy Stick - This helps make repairs in moist applications and underwater applications. This epoxy adheres to a variety of surfaces including fiberglass, PVC plastic, copper, iron and aluminum.
  • 4 oz LA-CO Slic-tite - Slic-Tite® Paste with PTFE is easy-to-use paste that is for any threaded NPT fittings used for sealing water, air, steam, natural gas, LP gas, refrigerants, ammonia, gasoline, or oil.  For NPT fittings used in vacuum we recommend using both Teflon tape and a thin layer of this Teflon paste over the top when redoing threads.
  • 1/2” x 300“ LA-CO Pipe Thread Tape – Packed with PTFE, LA-CO Slic-tite Tape provides a highly resistant seal on pipe threads for all types of service. This high-density 3 mil tape works with several types of systems, and it permits easy disassembly, even after many years of service.

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