CalMaster™ Refillable Reservoir Style Leak Standard

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Product Overview

The CM515.0-4101DAG/1 is a high depleting refillable reservoir style leak standard for those who have a supply of helium gas and can refill the reservoir regularly (about once a week). Perfect for those needing a leak standard on the go. This leak is light weight and comes with a built in pressure gauge so you know when it is running low on helium.

  • PART NUMBER: CM515.0-4101DAG/1
  • LEAK RATE: 5 x 10-4
  • LEAK ELEMENT: Micro-Tube Capillary
  • GAS: Helium (100%)
  • RESERVOIR STYLE: LACO Reservoir (115 cc)
  • EST. DEPLETION RATE: 10.0%/week
  • DETAILS: Additional options: pressure gauge

Leak standards feature:

  • Fast Delivery
  • Rugged and Reliable Leak Element
  • Both Standard & Custom Designs
  • Broad Range of Designs, Leak Rates, & Gases
  • Responsive Technical Support Staff
  • Proprietary micro tube capillary leak elements

A2LA Accredited and NIST Traceable 
In addition all LACO leak standards are backed by our lifetime product warranty and include a NIST traceable, A2LA accredited calibration certificate to ISO 17025-2005 and ANSI Z540-1-1994 standards.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review